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From Budget to Luxury ... Quality stays


M.D.C. Travel is your travel solution for entire Greece, including mainland with breathtaking scenery and the famous and wonderful Greek Islands


Our well-trained and well-traveled team can suggest you through conversation, the ideal travel solution for memorable and relaxing vacation in Greece


The services of our company do include but are not limited to any travel related service within the borders and beyond;  from budget to luxury holidays.  


Please don't hesitate to contact us about any question or request you may have concerning travelling in Greece. We will be happy to answer honestly

We care for all of your travel needs in order to make your trip to Greece the most memorable
and joyful journey filled with sights, emotion and feelings.

M.D.C. Travel is a Greece based inbound Tour Operator providing best quality and excellent service to the world.
As tour operator, mdc travel conducts complete holiday packages within Greece. These packages are tailor made according to your clients needs.
As a tour operator, we include all your accommodation, hotels, resort, yacht and transportation.

City Break is a short visit for a (maybe) long weekend or any 3 - 4 days in Greece for Shopping or some Spa Treatment. Even for visiting some of the great Museum in Athens or attending a play at the Opera.

Family holidays on the beach and introduce your children to the Greek culture and Heritage

On a Business trip? we arrange all your corporate travel

Business meeting or some Event?
Our company will be pleased to organize it for you

Activities like rafting, surf or kiting are popular in Greece, as well as Horseback riding, Scuba and Snorkeling

Caving and climbing
Greece shows some of the most interesting and natural caves open to the public.

Mountains big or less are ideal for beginners and advanced climbing

Gourmet, Culinary and Oenotourism
are part of Greece by definition;
The Mediterranean Diet
is born and practiced since in Greece from Ancient times until nowadays transformed into modern Cuisine. We can suggest you places with the finest Seafood and also Michelin-starred restaurant.

Oh YES! Souvlaki,  Moussaka and Tsatsiki are still made here and they are delicious

Looking for some advanced delights? Molecular Cuisine is also here.
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you are welcome to visit all of our pages to find what suites you best. Maybe you get some ideas for your next holiday

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M.D.C. Travel Beyond Dreams ...

Maybe you heard about Greece at School or at College and asked yourself; Can I ever travel to Greece? What will it be like? History, Antiquity, Sophocles, Oracle of Delphi, Olympic Games, Zeus, Mykonos & Santorini, Athens and the Acropolis What are these places and where are they?

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Short overview of our services

In a few words ... New Travel Reality

Historic Orientated

From Antiquity to modern Greece
A journey of time

Activities for all

With us you will experience all activities for all ages & wants

M.I.C.E. Meetings

Company meeting of any size or motivation for your employees or clients

Spa, Yoga and all Health Turism

Spa, yoga, health and Wellbeing Tourism all over Greece