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Our Wedding Plans

Stand out and invite only the ones you love and want to be with you at your most happy event; Your Wedding!

Destination Wedding is the combination if your Dream journey and Your Happiest moment.

Either you are dreaming of a Fat Greek Hindu Wedding, or a chic Civil or a glamorous Jewish Wedding, Greece is THE location to celebrate THIS VERY Happy Moment with your friends and Family.

A wedding away doesn't need to replace your honeymoon, in fact, many couples head to a different location for their 'moon. Stay a few extra days near your wedding locale for a mini-moon (you've already paid the travel expenses to get there), or plan a separate trip a few months to a year later, so you'll have a new adventure to look forward to together. Whether you are looking for a glamorous Indian Wedding day or a full Hindu Wedding with Welcome Dinner, Mehndi Party, Sangeet & Wedding Reception, or a fancy Civil Wedding, we are able to offer you the best solution for the most exclusive happening.

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