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M.D.C. Travel was established in 1997 and continues to serve the tourism industry with excellence and consistency, aiming to offer perfect and well scheduled tours seamlessly.

in opposite to Online travel companies which are supermarket-alike. We are human and you are invited to join us to talk about Your preferences and dreams of a happy and enjoyable Greece's journey, either for leisure or business.

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Great Place to enjoy

is one of major destination in Europe. Since the early 60'. Greece is receiving tourism and knows how to
satisfy visitors. You may know Zeus, the father of Gods. BUT, Greece is also ruled by Xenios Zeus, the God of Hospitality.

Greeks are Filoxeni (hospitable) by nature. Greece has been named one of the
Hospitable Places in the World" in a report released by Booking ... Greeks love to tell 
stories about their family, their village, their 
Greece is the home also of the word "filoxenia", which translated means "love of strangers"

Greece makes the Difference Discover why and reveal Greece



Reward your company's' employees with a trip and include Team strengthening meetings and games to enforce team work. Let them feel the Greek Spirit of challenges and team-working.

Bring the Spirit of Games in a fan-filled team contest and competed in teams in an unforgettable historic setting!

offer an accolade to clients of a supermarket chain as a loyalty program,  or even collaborators of an pharmaceutical company for top sellers. You know best how to reward or how to make your employees endure.

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Stand out and invite only the you love and want to be with you at your most happy event; Your Wedding!

Destination Wedding is the combination if your Dream journey and Your Happiest moment

A wedding away doesn't need to replace your honeymoon, in fact, many couples head to a different location for their 'moon. Stay a few extra days near your wedding locale for a mini-moon (you've already paid the travel expenses to get there), or plan a separate trip a few months to a year later, so you'll have a new adventure to look forward to together. Whether you are looking for a glamorous Indian Wedding day or a full Hindu Wedding with Welcome Dinner, Mehndi Party, Sangeet & Wedding Reception, or a fancy Civil Wedding, we are able to offer you the best solution for the most exclusive happening.

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